Social Media

We create and manage social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts for small and medium sized businesses. We can also provide tutorials for a variety of platforms, from the highly utilized to the up and coming. No matter what social network you’re considering for your business, we can give you a proper introduction and integration. Some services that we can offer to your business are:

Account Creation: A complete setup for your account, including passwords and clearance instructions.
Brand management: We craft a message that is in line with the ideas behind your particular brand.
Content creation: We will provide consistent and concise content on each of your social media platforms.
Creative promotions: Whether you’d like to run a giveaway or publicize an event, we create promotions that are right for you.
Network research: We figure out what networks will work best for your business.
Platform Tutorials: We can hold tutorial sessions with you to better help you understand the purpose of and how to utilize different social media platforms.

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