About Us

Hays Digital Group provides digital media services including video, email, design, social media implementation and marketing consulting services. With over twenty-five years of business to business marketing expertise we combine “old-school” work ethic with today’s “new-school” instant access opportunities and advancements.

Aimee Kelly

Partner. Specialties: Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Consultant

Aimee brings a creative presence to our team. She utilizes Adobe Creative Suite and has experience across multiple email marketing and social media platforms. Aimee’s passion is graphic design, and has created everything from 40+ page park district catalogs to individual ads and social media graphics, both in print and digitally. She delivers customized social media campaigns branded to each client, helping them drive to the completion of their goals, and staying current in this ever-changing marketing climate.

Kathy Hays

Partner. Specialties: Marketing Consulting and Email Marketing

Kathy is a marketing professional with over 30 years of experience. She began her career at a large consumer goods corporation and spent many years as the marketing director for a professional services firm. She guided the firm through multi-regional growth and expanded their reach to the national level. In 2009, she created Hays Digital Group to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses looking to expand their digital presence and reach customers in new markets.

David Rokos

Executive Producer. Specialities: Photography, Video Services

Dave is a graduate of Columbia College with an emphasis in Video Production and Photography. His work has been published in both trade and association media. In addition to working behind the camera he is also producing and directing an independent motion picture. His keen eye and attention to detail create memorable, digital experiences.

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